Saturday, November 9, 2013

Billy Graham

"Our country is in need of a spiritual awakening." Billy Graham

This was a quote from Billy Graham in an interview in Asheville, NC as he celebrated his 95th birthday this week.  What a soldier for Christ this man has been.  He has preached the Gospel and many have been saved through the message that he has proclaimed.  I didn't stay up to listen to his broadcast but will catch it later. I was tired and James and I called it an early night and went to bed.  

As I read that quote this morning in the headlines, I thought that this is the same thing that we've been saying at our church. I think any Christian would love to see that happen in their lifetime.  We've (our church family)  been praying for a revival. A real revival. Not just a meeting but Revival.   Before that can happen though,  we must get rid of things (sin) that hinders that from happening.  I've been searching my heart and asking God to forgive me of sin in my own life, worry, doubt, those "things that easily beset us" and I believe that others have as well.  There is a quickening in the hearts of members of our congregation
Our churches are in need of a spiritual awakening.

In addition, we need people who will stand up for what is right.  We need more preachers in our pulpits who will not be afraid to call us out for our sin. We don't need "feel good" messages. It's obvious that those kinds of messages are not working. Our pastor said this in a message a couple of weeks ago "I don't need the truth to make me feel good. I need it to penetrate me to my core." We need to stop worrying about if people walk out from our services feeling good about themselves and worry about if people are walking out redeemed and changed. That's when our country will experience a spiritual awakening.  We've been too soft.  We are afraid that we might hurt someone's feelings. That someone might not like us anymore. Guess what? I'm preaching to the choir. I'm talking to me!  But my heart is changing.  I'm not willing to just sit back anymore and be quiet about it and be afraid that someone  "might" not ever speak to me again. I don't think I can. However, I believe that if we share Jesus with the love of Him in our hearts that we won't offend. How can someone turn away from you when you love them so much that you want them to live forever.  I saw a quote a couple of months ago that said, "How much must we hate someone to not tell them about hell."  I don't believe another quote has ever affected me more. Do we get it, really get it?  We need to start sharing what we know, WHO we know with our family, our friends and our neighbors. God's Word says that no man knows when He is coming back. What if it is tomorrow or next week?  I'm pretty sure that I'm not ready to face God knowing that I've not shared His love with people that I care about or at least tried.
Our homes are in need of a spiritual awakening. 

So I challenge you, my friends, and especially my fellow church members, let's pray for ourselves first. Ask God to change our hearts and start a work in us.  Let's pray for our country, our churches and our homes. Then I challenge you to tell someone about the One who gives you sustainable joy. Let's tell someone why we are able to get through crisis and still have joy. Let's tell someone we love them and we want them to know about the One who gave His life for them. I've prayed as I've written this post. I've prayed that the Lord would stir our hearts to pick up this challenge.We can't individually be a Billy Graham but we can collectively tell millions. If I tell one or two and you tell one or two and those three or four go and tell... then our country will start experiencing a spiritual awakening.
"Our country is in need of a spiritual awakening." Billy Graham

I love this song.  It has the words and tune of the old hymn that we've all heard at our churches and on the Billy Graham Crusades but it has a  new bridge that is so awesome. Gets me every time.

Just As I Am, Travis Cotrell

With love and until we meet again, Fifi