Saturday, May 24, 2014

Courage to Move Forward

I’ve been asked many times since I went sky diving, “were you afraid”, "were you scared to death” “how did you have the courage”?  Just let me tell you, I was afraid and nervous and a lot of the “what ifs” ran through my mind.  However, I have lived my entire life on the “safe side” and I, just for once needed to just “live.” Maybe it was crazy but I just needed to do this. It was my 50th birthday and it was the most freeing thing I’ve ever done in my life.  Yes, it took courage, a lot of it, but I decided to move forward in spite of the fear. I’m now able to live with a little different outlook on life.  I know now, that I can face fear. I've done it!  No matter what we face in life, sickness, death of a family member, a move to an unknown place or other changes that come about, we must have the courage to move forward in spite of the fear.  We need to trust God for provision. Trust Him for his help. Call on His name in times when we need that ounce of courage to move forward. Don’t let fear paralyze you and hold you back from moving forward.  With God ALL things are possible.  

With love and until we meet again, Fifi

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