Monday, January 12, 2015

"A Little Boy and Frogger"

Me:  I don't know how to make the frog jump.  We played with a joystick when we played years ago.
Luke: What's a joystick?
Me: Well, it's one of those things that you hold when you are playing a game. You know, the thing that makes the frog jump.
Luke: Huh?  Why don't you just hit this button?
Me: Right. Right.

I was playing Frogger tonight with Luke and was trying to get the frog to swim across the river by using the mouse. ( I know, don't say it.) I so don't know how to play a game on the laptop. I do know now. Thank you very much and thank you Luke.  It's a bit humbling to be schooled by a five year old.

Luke is one of those kids who goes full steam ahead, 100% of the time.  However, tonight he wanted to "watch" me play video games. He didn't want to play himself. Just watch me. (insert hysterical laugh)  It had to be the most riveting thing he has done in days. He was the quietest that I've ever seen him.  This was a new thing for us. Usually he is on the go and doesn't have time to sit with me but tonight we sat.  He had fruit snacks, I had goldfish.  I learned to play a video game on the laptop. He taught me. I listened and learned.

It's the little things.  It's those moments when you tune out the outside and sit quietly with a precious, 90mph little boy and he patiently watches and teaches you to play a game and you soak it all in because this moment will be lost in time if you don't. You may never get it again. We need to slow down and grasp these moments.  Life is just too fast. It is folks.  We rush and rush and we miss it and then we wonder where has time gone.

I reflect back to the days my kids were little. Those times of sitting and reading books, curled up on the couch with our blankets.  We would read the same book over and over and over again.  I would finish the book and they would say "read it again mommy" and I would think can we please read another book. Back then I wanted to move on but now I smile when I think of those little bodies cuddled up next to me. All they wanted was to be with me. We can't go back but we can make now as good as it can be. We can cherish the moments we have.

Take time to cherish the moments that we have with those we love. Slow down and enjoy your people and those around you.  Say no, to the things that aren't important and yes to the things that are.  Make life sweet. Listen to a child.  You might just learn something.

(Picture used with parental permission)

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