Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Your Hair Becomes You... or Does It?

Most of the time when we hear something like the phrase, "your hair becomes you,"  we think of it as a flattering statement .  "That dress is becoming" "Your outfit is becoming."  What I'm talking about here is a tad-bit different.  I'm playing on the words, so to speak.   Does our hair define us?  Does our hair become who we are?  Should it?

This might come as a shock to some of you, and then again it might not be shocking but I've been highlighting and/or coloring my hair for many years. Having a hairdresser in the family for 30 years (not including the practicing she did on me before becoming licensed) made hair adventures really easy.  I've had every color you can think of. Every length and style possible.  Seriously, I don't even know the true color of my own hair.   I do know that it is truly a different color than it was 30 years ago when I started the coloring journey.  Hide a couple of gray hairs here today. Hide 20 of them five years from now and before you know it, the roots have you rushing to the salon every four weeks. 

I have a dear close friend who doesn't mince words. She is as honest as the day is long and a couple of years ago she walked right up to me before church and said, "your roots look awful, you need to do something." YES!  I knew that already. Thank you very much.  I love her dearly but that truly hurt my feelings.  I knew I was a couple of weeks late in getting to the salon but really!!!! I am quick to forgive so she need not worry that I haven't moved on. I really have and to be honest here, I am as equally honest with her. We keep an even score in the most kind and loving way. Seriously, we are wonderful friends. 

Deciding to not color my hair has been a process. Yes, I'm going to do it! No! I'm not going to do it! Yes I am, No I'm not. Off and on for several years.  Then a few weeks ago the tide began to turn.  I had a defining moment at the cardiologist's office of all places.  We were discussing  my cholesterol levels and he was very frank with me about my health.  We got a little off topic as we were talking and he said something to me that had absolutely nothing to do with my visit. Much to the contrary in fact, but it made quite an impression on me. We were talking about the natural aging process.  A subject that keeps coming up more and more in my life lately.    He said that women and men are so consumed with being younger than they are. They get plastic surgery and Botox and etc. etc. to make themselves look younger. They take medications to enhance their passion and prowess and it's making them sick.   There is nothing wrong with being 50 years old.  50 is great! What is wrong with 50?  God made you 50. You've already been 30.  It's time for someone else to be 30.  There is nothing wrong with  being healthy but be happy with the age you are and be a happy, healthy 50 year old and stop trying to keep up with someone that you see on TV. Someone that you think you are supposed to look like. What?  Is that what I've been doing, trying to be someone that I'm not? Me? Really?

After thinking on this for many days, I consulted with my best friend, (who is always up for "partner in crime adventures" and because there is safety in numbers) and proposed my latest adventure. She actually had proposed this to me a couple of years ago and I said to her in my most convincing voice, "friends don't let friends go gray!!!"  and she is IN! We are doing this together. We are no longer going to color our hair.  I personally am done with chasing roots to the hair salon.  So with my theme in mind for this year "Behold, I will do a new thing," I am embracing the new me, a more free me. A woman not bound by the color of my hair.  God gave me this hair for this time in my life and I'm going to embrace it.

Will you join us for this journey to freedom and liberation from colored and dyed hair? Are you fed up with the process of hair color as well?  If so, I would love to know and Sharon and I would love company on this roller coaster. Remember, there is safety is numbers!

I will be posting updated pictures as we go along this journey.  (Oh, by the way, Yes! Our husbands are totally on board and are giving their full support.)  Keep your eyes open for updates and changes.

I will leave you with this verse. Psalm 119:37  "Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things and give me life in your ways." ESV

My sweet friend Sharon and her husband James.

Me and my James

Until we meet again,  Fifi


Nicole said...

Beautiful ladies inside and out! I'm thankful to have known you!

felicia harris said...

Thank you sweet Nicole. Love you!

Kerrie Snow said...

Felicia, I've been growing out my natural color since June after going from brown to red to highlights since I was probably 16. There are times I see my 3-4" roots and just cringe but I think it's gonna be so worth it to just "be me." I can't wait to see yours and I know you will be just as beautiful as ever!

felicia harris said...

Kerrie: Roots are the pits unless you're a carrot. Right? I love you to pieces and you are beautiful every day. Can't wait to see you in all of your glorious natural color.

Carrie South said...

I was just talking about dyeing roots with my friend. I'm not quite ready to try it yet, ( I will look like a skunk!) lol, but I certainly applaud you ladies!

felicia harris said...

Carrie: Hopefully, we won't be "skunking" it up. We will be doing a slow transition. Thanks for the cheers though. :-)

ElizasMom said...

My sister and I did this together and we both LOVE it! Good luck, ladies...there are growing (out) pains but it is SO worth it! No constant preoccupation with my color or time and mind numbing salon appointments. And, though I didn't think I would, I LOVE it! No need to worry about the perfect "shade" for my skin because God is my hairdresser and he is a PERFECTIONIST! LOL

felicia harris said...

ElizasMom: I applaud you!! I think it should be more fun doing this with a sister or friend. I'm trying to talk one of my sisters in doing this with us. I love what you said about God. He IS our perfectionist hairdresser. No one could color our hair more perfectly than Him. I loved it when I read that. Thank you for commenting. You made my day!