Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Love Grows

I was singing in the choir as usual. This particular Sunday we were singing a song entitled  "Love Grew Where the Blood Fell."   We finished the song part of the service and the choir went down from the choir loft to sit with their families. My daughter Kristen, who was probably five or six years old, was sitting with her dad.  I have no idea why she wasn't in children's church this particular Sunday. She usually was. However, today she was tucked in under her dad's arm. Snuggled in close, she was drawing on the back of a church bulletin.  I sat down beside her and settled in for the message. I  gave her knee a gentle squeeze and smiled at her. As I looked down I noticed something very interesting about her drawing.  A simple box style cross with heart shapes dropping from the beams. Drops of blood in the shape of hearts.  "Love Grew Where the Blood Fell."  Simple childlike faith, drawn out on the back of a church bulletin.  I sat with tears in my eyes. You see, I just sang that song with no feeling. Just sang the words. It wasn't until I saw that my precious little girl had actually heard the words to the song that they began to mean something to me. Precious words falling on precious ears going straight to a precious heart. A precious drawing meant to speak to my heart as well. 

This video isn't of our choir but this is the same arrangement we did.

First Baptist Church-Jacksonville, Florida
Love Grew Where the Blood Fell

Until we meet again, Fifi

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