Thursday, December 5, 2013

Life Interrupted

I went into work on Monday morning which is my normal day off. I worked for a couple of hours then headed out for a day of running errands, lunch with my Aunt Sonja, Christmas shopping and a couple of appointments...then my phone rang. Life Interrupted.

"Mom, where are you? CPI is trying to reach you. Someone broke into the house."  What, our house? I called CPI security and sure enough they were pretty confident that our house had been violated. The glass break detector, the front door and an interior door and the motion detector all had been activated and a man's voice had been heard inside our home all within just a short time. Our house, on Monday morning at 11:30 in broad daylight. Life Interrupted.

Isn't it amazing how fast plans change?  Right before Brad called I couldn't wait for lunch.  After the call came I wasn't hungry at all.  I no longer "had" to go shopping. My appointments were cancelled. Everything else went on the back burner. Just fifteen short minutes after Brad's call, I was standing inside my splintered, front door looking into my house with a police officer by my side, my alarm screaming, hesitant to walk in my own home.  Life Interrupted.

This is my safe place. The place where I go to get away from all the hassles of the outside world. The home where we have lived our entire married life. The home to where we brought our babies from the hospital.   The place where my children come for Sunday lunch.  Where we gather when our hearts are grieving and we need to be together.  This is where we "meet" when there is a crisis and we need to troubleshoot. This is the place where we have laughed and cried. Where we've shared joys and heartaches. This is where we've made memories.  Now, someone has entered into our home, without an invitation, and they took something of ours. Something that the police won't find in the pawn shop, at a flea market or a yard sale. They won't find it in the back of a panel van or in someone's car with others just like it.  What they have taken from us can't be bought or sold. They have taken our sense of security and our peace of mind.  Life Interrupted.

"Is the alarm set?"  "Yes," "Are the doors locked?"  "Yes!"  "What about the back door?  Did you check it?"  "Yes." I set the alarm clock and turn out the lights. "Are you sure you checked the doors?" "YES! It's o.k. I'll double check." Life Interrupted

As I lay in my bed going over the days events I'm reminded in Isaiah 41:10 that God is with me even when I'm afraid.  "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."  I love how I can go to my Bible and find a promise from God that will be just the right message for just the right time.  Even when my life has been interrupted by people that set out to do me wrong.  I'm so glad that as I lay my head down tonight that I know the Peace Speaker. I'm glad He knows me by name. I'm glad that no matter what happens, ALL is well.  I will say this verse tonight as I go to bed and remember that the God that loves me is right there with me and will strengthen and help me. I may even repeat it a few times. I'm so glad this promise holds true even when my faith waivers and shakes.

Have you had time of a "Life Interrupted?"  Have you had a similar experience?  If so, I would love to hear about it. Please leave me a comment below and tell me about a time your life was interrupted?

May the peace that passes all understanding be yours tonight, and I pray that you know the Peace Speaker as I do.


"Peace Speaker" Heritage Singers


Julie Garmon said...

Listening now--oh what a lovely post!!!!! Thank you, thank you. I sense such peace here, in your post and your heart. xoxo

felicia harris said...

Thank you Julie for your oh so kind words. You have touched my heart today. Blessings to you during this most precious season of all.