Thursday, January 2, 2014

Be Still

It is a tradition of bloggers to choose a word for the new year.  One word to focus on for the coming year. What will be my word? Some bloggers have chosen simplify, vision, create, encourage, etc.  I struggled with knowing what word would I choose. Then the verse Psalm 46:10 kept coming to mind. "Be still and know that I am God." Be still. Still. That's it. That is my word.

I will reflect on this word in 2014.  I will make extra effort to take time time to be still. I will try to let things that don't matter not take control of my emotions. I will try very hard to breathe and be still and know that I am a child of the King and there is nothing that He can't handle. He doesn't need my help. He has every single aspect of my life under control. What do I need to worry about? The God that spoke this very world into existence has my life already planned out anyway. Be still Felicia, be still. still.  I think I'm liking this.

Until we meet again,


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