Thursday, January 23, 2014

Praising Up

I've had a lot of time while recuperating from shoulder surgery to just ponder the last couple of weeks. Well... a LOT of time to ponder.  I've been "still" I suppose.  I have a Facebook account. I like to keep up with my friends, old and new and especially family that I rarely see. I've noticed a HUGE trend in complaining. I know that complaining is not a new thing but I think Facebook allows us to take complaining to a whole new level. Some want it to snow a foot. Some want just enough to say it snowed. Some don't want it to snow at all.  Some like to trash the school administration when they don't get the results that they want for the next school day.  I know that I'm glad I'm not the one making that decision. All we have to go on is the forecast of a mere mortal who is only guessing as what the weather is going to do anyway. Right?  It's just an educated guess. God is in control of the weather not Lanie or Van.  Local forecasters and school board personnel, you can thank me later. There is absolutely no way to please everyone and when we complain about not getting the snow that the weather guy forecasts, who are we complaining to, WXII, or God?  I mean, really...I want snow and I want it now and I should get everything I want! Right??? Don't get me wrong. I LOOOOVE snow like no one else. A hot fire, hot chocolate, snow falling, everything shuts down and is quiet and everything becomes "still" for a time. Who wouldn't love that?

As I was driving to work the other day on the dry road, that was previously forecast to be slick from the impending snow, this thought came to my mind....the more I read God's word and pray, the more I fellowship with Him.  The more I fellowship with Him the closer we become.  The closer we become the more like Him I will be.  The more like Him I am, the less my wants mean to me. The less my wants mean to me, the less important I become and the more important He becomes.  The focus is removed off of self and placed on the One who paid it all.  It's all about Him not me anyway.   

What would a day be like without complaining?  What would our offices be like without complaining? What would our homes be like without complaining?  It's not just about the weather.  We can apply this to so many different areas. Did someone park in "your space?" Does your spouse have an annoying habit? Did the kids leave out the peanut butter jar or not hang up the towels?  I know I have room to work on this and  I'm going to "try" to keep myself in check. Maybe just maybe we can start a new trend.  What if we decided to "praise up" on Facebook  or in our homes instead of tear down or rip apart those we love. It doesn't have to be everyday but occasionally let someone know that we appreciate them.

This is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman, "Be Still and Know"  Our Worship Pastor, Jeff Wylde sang this on Sunday night.  It was the first time that I had heard the song and it is perfect for my one word this year. "Still"  One of the lines in the song says "Be speechless." I think that is a word that I need to exercise more often. I need to just be speechless and still. Wow!  I have a LOT of learning to do this year! 

Take time in the coming weeks and months to think before you speak or type. Are you complaining and tearing down or praising up?

Until we meet again,  Fifi

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