Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Hearts

Things that Make my Heart Happy!
  • Quiet summer nights with a breeze.  (Summer breeze makes me feel la la..) Haha! That song just popped into my head when I typed that.

  • Quiet Monday mornings with coffee and just the right amount of sugar.
  • My sweet dog Lola's head laying on my lap and her big ol' brown eyes just looking up at me. "love" 

  • Some good praise music while cleaning the house. Nothing like the Brooklyn Tab to get the house cleaned.

  • The sound of my adult children laughing at each other's stories. Oh my goodness...that really makes my heart happy.

  • Sweet tea and lemonade. What could be better?  Really.... What could be better?
  • My sweet husband bringing me coffee when I'm getting ready in the morning. Oh my, what a sweetheart.
  • Still getting birthday cards in the mail from my mom and dad.  That makes me smile all day long.

  • Apple pie ice cream from Homeland Creamery. Look at that chunk of apple pie filling.  

  • Hearing my daddy tell me that I'm pretty. I'm 52 years old  and I don't think I will ever grow tired of hearing that.
  • Seeing my kids happy and content in their lives
  • Knowing that Jesus loves me so much that he died for me. Seriously, He gave his life for me so I could live. Think about it. It should make your heart happy too. What an amazing gift.

What makes your heart happy? Tell me. I would love to know. Find something in your life that makes you happy today. List it. It will make you smile. I promise.

Proverbs 17:22 "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine."

Until we meet again, Fifi

Imparting Grace
Savvy Southern Style


Linda said...

Thank for a good way to start my day along with coffee wiht husband, devos together, rain….Happy list….like you, my adult kids having fun togehter. Silly Boomer our bassett. The 4th of July. over from Wow Us Wed. Have a happy 4th of July! Linda

felicia harris said...

Linda: Thank you for the sweet comment. So nice to "meet" you!