Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Round Man"

Today, a friend of ours will be laid to rest. "Round Man" lived a short life by some standards.  At 76 years of age he lived those 76 years to the fullest.

I came to know "Round Man" when I started dating James.  James, "Round Man" and several others shared a love of dirt bikes.  This was a new world for me. Growing up in a home with three younger sisters, dirt bikes were completely foreign to me.  I followed them around to trails in the mountains, watched them race, even rode some trails with James occasionally.  After we married, life happened, house was built, dirt bike was sold, kids came and James no longer rode but "Round Man" kept right on riding.  At some point he switched to 4 Wheelers but he still did what he loved.

More important than his love for riding dirt bikes and 4 Wheelers was his love for Jesus and his testimony in the community.  He was forever trying to make sure the kids in the community were on the straight and narrow. James has many stories about "Round Man" checking up on the teenagers to make sure they were living right.  He was a faithful man.  Faithful to God, his family and his church.  You never had to guess where he stood on a subject because he would tell you.  You might or might not agree with him but you would know his opinion.  He was faithful to the end. Never wavering in his faith in the Lord Jesus.

Last night there were a few hundred people that showed up to pay their last respects.  Our community will miss him. A church will miss a dedicated member. A family will miss a husband, father and grandfather. However, because of a decision he made many years ago his story doesn't end. He chose Jesus to be his Savior and we will see him again.  His legacy lives on in the lives of his children and grandchildren and they can rest in the assurance that they will see their father and grandfather in heaven some day.

As I was thinking about "Round Man's" life I wondered what would people say about me when my time had come.  Would they be able to say that I was faithful to God, my family and my church?  That I stood for what was right?  That I cared about those around me and the condition of their soul?  When my time comes will I still be singing His praises? I sure hope so.

This song has been such a blessing to me.   It is recorded by Matt Redman. I catch myself humming and singing it all the time. I'm dedicating this post to our friend and loved one, Mr. Boyd "Round Man" Poplin. "Round Man" we love and miss you and will see you again.

Until we meet again.



Kelly Taylor said...

Love you posts, makes my days.

felicia harris said...

Thank you Kelly. You are too kind.