Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eradication Hot Pink

It just had to be done. I couldn't handle it anymore. I'm sure the neighbors are thankful too.  This adorable  little playhouse was built by Pa Bennie for Kristen several years ago.  When she was about 16 years old, she and a friend decided they needed a "real" hangout  place and decided to "upgrade" the playhouse by spray painting the trim hot pink. Yes!  Hot pink spray paint. It was terrible. They didn't tape off the windows or anything else, just started spraying. 

It had to go. We started scraping, washing, puttying, and then the fun part of painting.  

My beautiful niece, Mariah, helped  with the painting

Yes,  it was a very hot day and the task was daunting. There was pink everywhere.
(Thanks Kristen!)

I'm sure the neighbors are happier. I know for sure that we are. Lola seems happier too!
 Next spring I think I will put up hanging baskets or flower boxes.

We also cleaned out the inside.  Sometime back we began to use the playhouse as a storage building.  We piled and piled things on top of stuff until I was afraid to open to door. The inside was in definite need of purging.



It’s always hard to start a project but the rewards are always great! I love the new color and the organized storage is amazing too!  
The best part though, was spending time with my  precious niece.

What kind of projects did you accomplish this summer?

Until we meet again Fifi

Soul thought:  "Prayer is more about enjoying the presence of the King than getting 
something from Him."  Dr. Archie Norman

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