Monday, April 20, 2015

"So I was born; I blinked; and it was over."

I was just skimming Facebook a few nights ago while we were watching TV and ran across an obituary that Emily Phillips, a woman that passed away from pancreatic cancer, wrote herself.  I was totally crying by the end.  I felt, after reading it, that I knew her, or I wish that I had.  I believe that she was probably the life of the party at family gatherings and that her family loved her with all their hearts.  At the end of the obit, she wrote these words, "So...I was born; I blinked, and it was over. No buildings named after me; no monuments erected in my honor. But I DID have the chance to know and love each and every friend as well as all my family members. How much more blessed can a person be?"  You can read her obituary in it's entirety here.

We have the chance to make each and every day a special one. You may not have monuments erected in your honor, or buildings named after you but you do have the chance to be a blessing to someone today. Make sure your family and friends know that you love them. Make a new friend. Bring joy and happiness into someone's life. Today is the day. 

Before you blink it will be over. 

I feel very blessed to have each of you in my life. Whether it's a personal relationship, family, friend, or by way of meeting through the way of Facebook or this blog, you all are important to me in a unique way.  

With love and, 

Until we meet again,  Fifi

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