Wednesday, April 29, 2015

There is This Family

I suppose it was, a little more than a year ago, I started noticing a dad and his son, maybe eight years old, running every morning in our neighborhood. Early morning, like 7:00.  Every morning. Not random mornings, but every morning. You could set your clock by them. I'm not going to lie. I was skeptical at first.  My immediate thought was, "that boy has been giving them trouble in school and dad is running off some energy."  Dad would run a slow methodical pace, but on occasion I would see the little boy dragging behind and dad could be seen encouraging his son to keep up. They ran in the rain and cold. Didn't matter what the weather, they ran. Spring went into Summer, Summer into Fall and Fall into the cold of Winter.   Well, it wasn't long after,  Late Winter came around and another son about six years old joined in. Hmmm.  Interesting.  Little brother must be a hand full too. Dad would run in the lead, big brother a couple of steps behind dad, and he could be seen "coaching" his little brother, "come on, you can do it."  Little brother would run and catch up, Huffing and puffing and then all three would be together giggling and running as a unit. I've been watching them, these three guys, for a good while now.  Little brother has joined the team. He can hold his own now.  No coaching needed. He is a qualified team member.  I've changed my mind about this group over the course of the year.  I watch for them. Smile as I see them coming. In the past few weeks, however, the group has changed.  Mom and another little brother has now joined in, I'm guessing baby brother is about four years old.  Here they come right now. I've been watching for them this morning as I sit and drink my coffee.  Dad in the lead, big brother, middle brother, Mom and the baby.  They are like a family of ducks. All in row.  Baby brother huffing and puffing like middle brother used to do. Mom, turning and saying "come on, you can do it."  I'm just guessing there are no cocoa puffs in that home.

As I've have been watching them a spiritual application has begun to take form. Dad in the lead, spiritually guiding his family on the race of life.  Hey kids. this race of life is tough.  You must be ready. Let's run the course with diligence, with strength, with a sound mind and body.  A child wanders, is having a tough time and Dad looks back and says "hey, you can do this, we are here for you. We will help you. Let's keep the faith."  This is what families do.  We pray for each other. We encourage each other.  I'm not talking about just our biological families either.  I'm talking about our brothers and sisters in Christ as well.  Do you see a sister hurting?  Pray for her. You don't have to know all the details! Come on...pray for her anyway.  God knows all about it. Give her a hug and tell her you love her and then really pray for her. Tell her she can do this. Encourage her to keep the faith. This is what families do!  This is how we win the race.

Come on,  you can do it!!!  God's promises are true.  Keep the faith!

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Until we meet again,  Fifi

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