Monday, June 9, 2014

A "Girly" Breakfast

This weekend I hosted breakfast for my mom, sisters, niece and daughter.  It was just us girls. No guys allowed. We did this once before when my sister Melissa came home from Romania. She requested that we do it again.  We gathered around the table, just the seven of us and had a quiet time of just being us. We giggled like girls do, ate a lot (someone ate a lot of bacon) and just enjoyed being together.  We would love to do it more often. I can't bring myself to do it if everyone can't be here though.

I love decorating for girly get together's.  You can do so much more when just the girls get together. I love to bring out the old dishes that our grandmothers used. Mawmaw Smith's butter knife. Mawmaw Miller's Cream and Sugar Bowl. We sat at the dining table that my parents used before they moved to a smaller home and I set the table with my mom's dinnerware and a tablecloth that she gave me years ago when she was "cleaning out." I don't know about you but I love it when people "clean out" and get rid of their "old" stuff.  Some Blue Ridge Pottery from the Lost in Time Antique Mall, (if you love old stuff and are in Winston-Salem you must visit this place) fresh roses from Costco and everything was perfect.

As we sat there together, I thought that it wouldn't be long before Melissa would head back to Romania and then we would be separated again. By oceans and time. I sat at one end of the table and my mom sat at the other and I looked around at some of the sweetest people I know. These girls that I have literally tortured (because I'm the oldest) in one way or another throughout their childhood, but wouldn't take a million dollars for.  A lifetime of memories that I wouldn't trade for anything.  Each one different. Each one unique. Each one special. Each one of them means the world to me and I'm thankful for every moment that we have together.

The day was short but special. I wish we had more days like Saturday. More time together. If you can, make time for your family. Life is too short. Bring out the special dishes and table linens. Buy the roses and send one home with everyone when they leave. What special occasion is more special than today. Today is a special occasion. Every day is a gift from God. Tomorrow may not come. Let's celebrate today!

James 4:14   Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor,  that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

Until we meet again, Fifi

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Trisha said...

What a lovely way to spend time with the girls! I love the roses!


felicia harris said...

Trisha: Thank you for your sweet comment. I love roses too. They just make any occasion just a little bit sweeter.