Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Joy Stealers"

Isn't this a beautiful rose?  A co-worker, Carolyn, grew this and gave it to me.  I snapped this picture next to the scripture that I've been thinking about the last two days and thought I would share it with you.

Do you ever come across "joy stealers"  Those people or things that come across your path that just trip you up and cause you to lose your joy. Maybe it's just for a minute or could even be for an hour or could go into days or a week even. It can be in the grocery line. The stop light. A phone call or even on the news or radio. Can we even call "joy stealers" a trial?  I think so!  Sometimes my "joy stealers" sure seem like a trial.  They sure do test my faith.  Yours too I bet?  I certainly feel tested and feel like I'm losing the battle against them most of the time. That's the way defeat starts in.  So,  I think that for today I'm not going to let the "joy stealers" win.  I'm going to keep my joy because my real joy comes from the Lord.  Amen!

James 1:2 Know this, that the testing of your faith worketh patience.

With love and until we meet again,  Fifi

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