Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Father, The Father in Law, The Husband

Seems fitting that I should post about these people on this particular weekend. These three men are in a particular order because without the first two there wouldn't have been the last one. You see, without the first, there wouldn't have been me. Without the second, there wouldn't have been the third. When the first two started talking at work one day they decided that me and the third would make a great couple and they introduced us and that's how the third is "The Husband" in this story.  That makes sense.  Right?  Did you follow?

The first two, "The Father" and "The Father in Law" are probably two of the best men I've ever known. I feel very privileged that I get to call them mine.  Not many people get to call these two Daddy or Father in Law.  Those of us who do, know that we have a prized possession. A great gift.

My Dad

My daddy is known by everyone as a cut-up. He doesn't leave anyone alone, ever!  He is always stirring the hornet's nest. However, there is another side to this man that not many people get to see. The side that I know.  A hard worker that left for work every day and came home at exactly the same time every day. Yes, exactly the same time every single day . A man whose yard was dubbed "The Yard of the Week" in the local paper several times. Our woods were so immaculate that snakes didn't even want to live there. This is the man who tried very hard to teach me to catch a fly ball,  even though I never could. The man who sat at the table countless hours and drilled multiplication tables into my head. "YOU WILL NEED THIS SOME DAY!!!!  The man who can memorize scripture and poetry like nobody's business. The man who gathered us around the table and read nightly devotions with us and taught us that God was omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, etc. The man who would give every penny he made to his children and grandchildren to make sure they have what they needed. The man who went to baseball and basketball games, book signings, recitals, concerts and plays of the grand-kids and cheers and coaches them on from the side lines and is as proud as punch of those kids.  This man sat on the side of my bed and cried with me when my heart was broken. Yes, cried with. This is the man that I know and love. Thank you daddy for being a man that I and my children can look up to. For being a Father and a Poppy of integrity and character and for being faithful to my mom. For always being there for me. I love you and am very thankful for you.

My Father in Law

My father in law is one of the hardest working men that I've ever met. This man never, ever stops. Most people can't wait until retirement so they can rest and vacation, etc. Not this man. He has worked harder since retirement than he did when he was employed.  He started his own lawn mowing business after retirement. He trained the grandsons as they got old enough to run the equipment.  He cuts trees and pulls brush ALL of the time. You would think there wouldn't be anymore but somehow he finds it. When there is a project, he is all in.  He jumps right in there. There isn't anything that he isn't willing to try. He helped us with our major bathroom project.  I came home one day and he was putting new siding on our house. Our kids have learned what hard work looks like from this man.  His tender heart and spirit will get to you every single time.  He has a tenderness like I've never seen before.  He is a softy for sure, especially where the grand-kids are concerned.  He, like my dad, is right there when a game, concert, recital, etc comes up and is in the stands cheering the grand-kids on. These guys don't miss a beat. Thank you Pa Bennie for being such an upstanding man.For being a Father and Pa of integrity and character.  For your tenderness and kindness. Thank you for being such a good daddy to James. For always being there when I've called needing "help." You've never said no when I called. I appreciate you so very much. I love you and am very thankful for you.

My Husband

And this man, my husband, is without a doubt one of the most patient, hardworking men I know. He gets it honest. He grew up around it.  Hard work was drilled into him.  He does not come home at the same time every day. (This, I had to get accustomed to and it took a while. Why you ask? Because my daddy came home at the same time every day. insert smile.) Not only did he get the hard working gene from his dad, he also got his tender heart from him.  James is a great father. His children have such a great respect for him. They run to him for advice.  If they want drama they come to me. Anything else, they run to their dad.  He's the fix-it guy. Emotionally, work related, socially. He can talk them off the ledge so quickly.  It is amazing. He is truly the leader in our home, he wears the pants, no question about it. He is the calming force. Solid and true.  He has attributes of both of the men above and I love him dearly. Thanks honey for being such a great dad to our kids.  I love you so much and am so very thankful for you and for the father that you have been and are to our children. I have loved parenting these two great kids with you.

To these great men, I say thank you for the role that you play in the lives of my children. They wouldn't be who they are today without you three.  Happy Father's day.

With love, Felicia

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