Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 Days - Just One Spot Left - Day 8

I've been sitting here trying to decide what to write about tonight while I'm watching "The Voice" and something struck me.  Ceelo and Blake have one spot left to fill on their teams. There was a young girl, 17 years of age, who had a very unique voice. She was good. but not quite good enough for either of the two judges to hit their button to fill that one last spot. They both explained that they liked her but just not enough to fill that spot because someone better might come along.  Then this thought hit me. I'm so glad that my God doesn't have just one "spot" waiting to fill and He is just waiting for someone better than me to come along. He accepts me just as I am.  He loves me just as I am. Most of the time I come to him at my worst and he's still there, accepting me just as I am.

"Just As I Am" Travis Cottrell

"And I'm welcomed with opened arms, praise God, just as I am."  Travis Cottrell

Until we meet again,


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