Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days -The Unexpected- Day 15

Last summer, out of a couple of different circumstances, Phyllis, a special and dear friend of mine asked me if I would like to take a trip with her to Pennsylvania.  Her Sunday School Class was taking a bus trip and Guy, her husband,  had paid to go but something had come up and now couldn't go.  I jumped at the chance! I had always wanted to see the Amish county side and I never go anywhere with Phyllis that there isn't an adventure.  Phyllis is an author, vocalist, children's choir leader, teacher, speaker, interviewer of mankind...you name it, she can do it. Fortunately, she asks me to go with her at times when she speaks at different ladies conferences.  I always come away encouraged, blessed to meet ladies who love the Lord and honored to meet ladies to have been blessed by the ministry of this child of the King, this prayer warrior and mentor to so many.  I always feel humbled that she loves me and calls me friend.  So, this trip was a little different in that it was all fun. However, God sometimes uses those times to prick our hearts and speak to us
when we least expect it.

We were going to see the play "Jonah" and I was so excited. I love plays, dramas, musicals, etc. and I had heard so much about how professionally these musicals were done.  I've heard the story of Jonah all of my life but when it is played out in living color you get a totally different perspective.  Jonah was a man who was called of God but decided to run at all costs.  He didn't like God's plan. You see,  Jonah had his plan all mapped out on his own and it didn't align with what God had planned for him.   So he ran, or rather jumped overboard and it took extreme measures (in the belly of a fish for three days!) for him to see that what God had for him was the right and best plan after all.  I have times in my life when I'm a Jonah.  When I'm so intent on doing what I have planned that I don't stop and seize what God has planned for me.

I've thought about that musical many times since that day. When the unexpected arises I should stop, listen to God and stop running?  Can you relate to Jonah?

Until we meet again,


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