Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Days- Over the Brim - Day 21

My heart was blessed so much yesterday.  I can't remember ever being in a service when the Spirit of God moved  like He did in the early worship hour. My cup was literally full and running over as was many others. There's a lot I don't understand but this one thing I do know...sometimes when God is working in your life and He is answering prayer and your heart is full to the brim, you just can't help but let it overflow. God is alive! No matter what's happening in our world. No matter what's happening in Washington D.C. No matter what's happening in our towns or in our homes.  No matter what's happening all around us, He's alive, He's working and He desires to have a personal relationship with each one of us.

Yesterday afternoon, at a True Love Waits Ceremony, for our teens, our youth pastor demonstrated that with so much noise in our lives, (i.e. the internet, TV, Ipods, cell phones, game boxes, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, and the list goes on...)it is so easy to we drown out Gods' voice. It all starts out as fun but it can consume us. Let's work together to not let that happen. Let's take time out each day for the quiet.Take time just to read God's Word and to pray.  In Psalm 46:10 He even tells us to "Be still..." Get up just 30 minutes extra in the morning.  Take your Bible to work and go to your car or an unused office and read on your lunch hour. But do it quietly and listen. You might be amazed at how you begin to hear Him.  You might be amazed at how He begins to work in your heart. You might be amazed at what He asks you to do. You might even be amazed at how He equips you to do what He asks.  I sure was.

To be Continued....

Until we meet again,


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