Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 Days - Sentimental Ole' Me - Day 14

I think it's amazing how you can see an item and it will instantly bring back a memory of a person or place.  I tend to lean a "little" toward the sentimental side. My mom is probably shaking her head right about now. She would say that out of her four daughters I am probably the most sentimental one.  All of my sisters have a small streak, but for me, that streak is very strong. I just love things that have a story and I love to know where it came from and who owned it before.  We have items throughout our house that came from all of our grandparents and parents.  As I sit in my favorite chair and look around I can see things that belonged to each set of grandparents and one item from a great-grandparent.  I love having their "things" in our home.  I love the barrel table that my PawPaw Smith crafted with his own hands, a metal milk crate that we dug out of Papa Harris' old barn, a milk glass dish that belonged to my MawMaw Miller and a cake plate from James' Grandma Hendrix. Just things to some but to me a memory. I can get out a dish that belonged to one of my grandmas and I can immediately remember one of them putting a meal on the table using that very dish.

Memories but more than that...a legacy. We have, in this day and time, somewhat of a unique family legacy. To my knowledge, all eight of our grandparents professed to know the Lord and when they passed away all of them were still married to their first and only spouse. Over 200 years of marriage between the four couples. Our parents are both married to their first and only spouse and have almost 107 years of marriage between them. Memories of  people who have weathered the storms of life and whose faith carried them. They loved each other through thick and thin and didn't give up. Memories of people who stood the test of time and strong examples for us to be like them and us to hang in there when times get tough.

As I look at the carefully placed belongings of our family, I'm glad that I can look at each piece and be reminded that these people in our lives cared for each other for many years. They loved and cared for us and left us with something to aim and strive for.
 No words can ever begin to express how precious this picture is to us.

Romans 12:12  Be joyful in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer.

Until we meet again,


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