Monday, October 7, 2013

31 Days-Waiting-Day 7

Debbie a friend and fellow choir member has been given a new lease on life this weekend.  She has been waiting for a kidney transplant for over five years. This weekend the call came.  Today Debbie is in an ICU bed with a new kidney and a smile on her face, posting her own picture on Facebook 10 hours post-op. She gave me permission to tell you about her and to use her picture. Doesn't she look happy?

Five long years she has been waiting. Some times I get impatient waiting five minutes. I sometimes ask myself the question, when I'm waiting in the longest line at Wal-Mart, "what if this long line is keeping me from being in an accident or other catastrophe?"  Or what about this one....Waiting at the doctor's office.  I always check with the receptionist to see if they've forgotten me if I have to wait 15-20 minutes past my appointment time. Or what's worse is waiting that long or longer in the exam room.  (They should put TV's or at least new and updated magazines in the exam rooms. That would help. Oh and please something other than Field and Stream. Please and thank you.)  It doesn't bother me to wait as much as it used to. You see, one day a couple of years ago something happened that changed my perspective on waiting in the exam room. The walls in this particular office are not the best for privacy and on one particular visit to this specialists office I overheard my doctor give life changing, bad news to a patient in the room next to me.  He later came into my room and apologized for the delay.  I felt so bad for sitting there and being so impatient. When I left the office that day, I sat in my car and asked God to forgive me and then prayed for the lady that was in the next room.  Wouldn't you want your doctor to take extra time talking to you?  I sure would! It's all in perspective and how you look at things. 

I've been trying, within the last couple of years, to be more patient. I strike up a conversation with the person in front or behind me in the long line.  If I'm at the doctor's office  I still ask if they've forgotten me but I don't get upset about it anymore. I just try to think about the reasons that have caused the doctor to be late. Was the patient in front of me getting bad news and he was taking extra time with them?

Pray for my sweet friend Debbie today and over the next few weeks.  We can't wait to have her in the choir again.  Debbie, this verse is for you.  Love you!

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Until we meet again,


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